This fat man destroyed his life in 2 minutes (another fake video on FB)

Another fake video propagated by Facebook through a spam applicationIn this case, the message that is published on the walls is as follows:

Spam message posted on the wall

The deception is similar to that commented yesterday on the alleged challenge, instead of showing a video a malicious app that spam all the victim's friends:

Spam application installation

Then the application page is loaded where you are asked to click on an image:

Application page within Facebook

And finally it ends in a blog with advertising, Facebook buttons that have already received thousands of clicks and a YouTube video:

Spam blog accessed from Facebook

The worst of all this are the comments posted below the video, no user talks about the application that you installed minutes before, they ignore it completely! Maybe some are left behind by the same attackers to hide, but I'm sure some are real:

Comments left by users

It is interesting to compare these attacks with those carried out in English, the difference is that the latter seek to make money much more aggressively with more complex applications, false surveys, Trojans and rogues.

Fortunately, in Spanish they are more basic and even seem innocent, but they are still a hoax and an attack. By installing the application you are given permissions to post messages on the walls and access personal information.

How to remove these applications:

To remove the installed applications, go to the menu Account> Privacy settings. On the next page you access the configuration of the Applications and websites:

Accessing the application settings

Then the unwanted application is selected and removed:

Applications installed in the profile

See also: Report fake Facebook pages.