This is the largest aircraft in the world, and is already capable of floating

The largest aircraft in the world, the Airlander 10, has finally come true, although it is not yet in the skies.

You will agree with us that airships are the most delightfully retro flying devices out there, but at the same time we cannot forget that they are the product of great scientific advances.

Although the technology has improved a lot over the years, when we think about airships we still remember the Hindenburg accident and those famous words, oh mankind. Basically, we have a tremendous fear of flying with such an amount of flammable fuel, something that on the other hand has not prevented us from getting on planes.

The world's largest aircraft wants to revive love for airships

Hopefully, and the $ 35.6 million it has cost to develop, the Airlander 10 will not suffer the same fate. It has been manufactured by the British company Hybrid Air Vehicles, and This week he has finally managed to float for the first time.

In this way the Airlander 10 has become the largest aircraft in the world, with its 92 meters in length; Seeing this airship fly must be quite an experience, considering how small the people in the photos published by the manufacturer seem.

What is an airship for? Well, to transport people, or in the case of the Airlander 10, nothing less than ten tons cargo, so it can be very useful for fast and safe transport.

A bulletproof airship

Yes, I said insurance, because the manufacturer wanted to make sure that it does not repeat history, more than anything so as not to scare off potential investors and buyers. A blimp is nothing but a bag of helium, but in this case it is the most advanced bag you can find on the face of the earth, consisting of a triple layer of carbon fiber, kevlar andBoPET.

Even in the hypothetical case that someone managed to make a hole in the blimp, this would not be a big problem. The 2800 cubic meters of helium inside are not pressurized, so even if you made a hundred bullet holes, the blimp could still fly for four or five hours before having to land.

Nor would anything happen if one of the four diesel engines used to move the blimp failed; it would even be possible to get to a safe place with only one motor. you don't need a special airport to landYou can practically do it anywhere.

An Airlander 10 blimp has an estimated cost of 35 million dollars, so not everyone can afford it, to say nothing of the hangar necessary to store it. That is why Hybrid Air Vehicles is mainly offering it to the military, although they believe they can also appeal to the luxury market if they make a more spacious cabin where we can enjoy trips with wonderful views.

Mass production (600 units) is expected in 2018, but it will have to make its maiden flight first.