This is the ugliest fish in the world

Today, in the section of curious animals, let's talk about the fish more vague on the face of the earth.

Not curious about his appearance that, everything is said, it is not especially graceful; but for having managed to live life without moving a fin. Stress does not exist for him and that may be why it goes a little bit unnoticed, but we are in charge of making it known. Its about Spot fish.

Spot Fish Characteristics

The Spot Fish or Drop Fish is a fish of the family Psychrolutidae, typical of the waters of New Zealand and eastern Australia.

They live great depth, at approximately 1000 meters, in areas as rocky that fishermen do not usually access them, for fear that the nets will break. For this reason, the characteristics of the fish, which measures 30 centimeters and it has a meat of gelatinous consistency, lacking of muscles.

Why do we say that the Spot Fish is so lazy?

drop fish Psychrolutes marcidus

As I said, this fish is the pain of all those who want to spend their lives sitting on the sofa without moving. And it is that evolution will not have given muscles, but I know that it has provided a way to live without them and, above all, effortlessly. So its meat; which as I told you before is gelatinous in consistency, it has a density a little less than the water so it can float up on the seabed, without making any kind of swimming movement.

Also, you don't need travel in search of food, it is enough to open your mouth and swallow what he finds wherever the water takes him. So you can't have big feasts, but who needs high doses of energy How little do they move?

How does the Spot Fish reproduce?

Surely some of you have wondered how they can breed with so much parsimony. Yes, very calmly, but they reproduce. And then the females put the eggs, of Pink color, and they stay still floating on them, as if incubating them.

It is listed as the ugliest fish in the world and it is worth that it is not very beautiful, but it must be recognized that, on occasions, we would all love to change for him, no matter how ugly he may be. Don't you think