This R2-D2 vacuum cleaner is such a good idea that Disney should copy it

Writing for OMICRONO, there are times when we find inventions that make us wonder: "how come nobody had thought of it before." The robot vacuum cleaner created by youtuber Matthew Scott Hunter has elicited that exact reaction in the newsroom.

As is evident to the naked eye, this robot vacuum cleaner is based on R2-D2, which we could say is the true star of the Star Wars saga; This design takes advantage of the fact that the original robot 'slides' on its three legs, although Hunter had to take some liberties due to the design of the iRobot Roomba that he used as a base.

Indeed, at the end of the central leg there is a fan robot, just like the one you can buy anywhere; in fact, the rest of the 'robot' does not actually serve to catch dirt, although at least it is able to move its head like the original.

An R2-D2 vacuum cleaner

Speaking of the head, you may have realized the origin of the parts of this robot. Both the main body and the head come from a plastic wastebasket, something that is especially noticeable if you look at the head.

These parts were modified and painted to be fitted on top of the robot vacuum cleaner, so that it could pivot. The other two legs are simple wheels, but painted to resemble the robot vacuum cleaner and thus not break the design, as explained in Gizmodo.

The truth is that the result is incredible, although given the changes he had to make to the design, Hunter does not prefer to call it R2-D2; instead, he has given it the name R9-D9 and painted it in the colors of Iron Man to get an original creation (although an R9-D9 already exists in the Star Wars saga, it appears fleetingly and does not look to this).

A hobbyist has created a robot vacuum cleaner based on the R2-D2

The downside of adding such a span to the robot vacuum cleaner is that much functionality is lost; It is no longer able to clean under tables, for example. Also, the added weight makes the battery drain much faster. But what sacrifices are those compared to being the envy of the visitors? If you even make sounds thanks to a built-in Bluetooth speaker in your head!

Who knows, we may soon find out that this was the lost 'brother' of R2-D9, condemned to clean up the filth of humans while his most famous version saved the galaxy and appeared in cereal boxes.