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Trafficlight, a new tool to navigate safer


Bitdefender announced today the launch of a free tool that allows safer browsing blocking phishing and malicious pages:

Trafficlight adds small icons in the search results that colorize the security level of a page, it also analyzes the links of the social networks and blocks the sites that are insecure before they can cause damage to the computer.

It is not a toolbar itself, but rather a plugin that adds a small virtual bar on top with options and other extra functions such as ad blocking. Most of the time this bar remains hidden.

In the following screenshot you can see the warning that is displayed when trying to access a fake site:

The tool is still in beta status (test), it is compatible with Windows and Internet Explorer 7, Opera, Firefox, Chrome and Safari browsers. Ubuntu and Mac users can install an extension in the browser, although the functions are more limited and only anti-phishing protection is included.

Link: Trafficlight

Other tools like that they offer safety when browsing They are SiteAdvisor, LinkScanner and WOT (my favorite).

It is recommended to use any of these plugins, not only in Windows, but also in Linux and Mac to avoid, for example, phishing sites.

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