Treatment "Batman": The secret to prevent disease

Batman treatment may become the key to preventing viral illness; and all thanks to the bats.

The bats they are misunderstood animals. It is very rare to associate them with good things; because, in general, they are related to night, darkness, death, vampires and diseases such as rabies. Well, they also relate to Batman and Batman is good, but that is something else.

The thing is, it's true that his nibble can transmit diseases; but if we look at the other side of the coin, knowing this fact in depth can help us find a way to help our immune system to defend against Certain diseases. That is precisely what some are investigating. immunologists of the Australian Animal Health Laboratory and his findings seem very promising.

Interferons and the immune system


When a virus invades our body, one of the first soldiers to come are the interferons. These proteins, in addition to interfering with virus replication, activate a series of more responses specific against the pathogen, so that all the artillery of our immune system charges against it.

Do bats affect the diseases they transmit?

To answer the question, these immunologists Australians proceeded to analyze how the immune system bats before a infection. Thus, they verified that in these animals the interferons they are always activated, unlike in the case of humans, which need the pathogen to enter the body to activate. So the answer in these flying mammals is immediate and if they are infected by viruses as dangerous as ballThey will not have time to affect your cells.

Why do humans not have these active interferons from the start?

It is possible that initially we would also have active interferons in the same way, but this would lead to a continuous inflammatory response, with all the problems associated with it, so that evolution led them to be inactive, but watchful eye, to wake up from its lethargy as soon as a pathogen dares to enter our organism.

How can the Batman treatment help us?

The key to obtaining a therapeutic agent efficient against viral infections, could be to know in depth the operation of the immune system from bats and try to reproduce it, eliminating harmful inflammatory effects.

This, of course, is just an idea, but it could lay the groundwork for a very promising treatment. And is that sometimes, the same thing that kills you, can also make you stronger, you just have to know how to take advantage of it, and bats could turn out to be true super heroes.

Go: Scientific American

Interfern image: Wikispaces