Trojan SMS with images of love

A few hours ago I recommended you be careful when sending text messages to strange numbers (premium, subscriptions, etc.), now I recommend having be careful with the applications that are downloaded for the mobile.

Taking advantage of February 14, cybercriminals have created Trojans that pretend to be a harmless application with multimedia images of Valentine's Day (love_mms.rar), however while the victim looks at the images, in the background SMS are being sent to premium numbers in Russia.

The fake programs are in JAR format so they can work on any mobile platform that supports Java. The only way to detect infection It is with an antivirus, the immediate expense of the balance or at the end of the month, when the bill comes with several hundred dollars above normal.

There is more and more mobile malware and as we see getting infected is very simple, so be very careful with the downloads that are made. If your phone is modern and you usually connect to the internet or install things, consider using a mobile antivirus to avoid surprises.

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