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Trojan with double extension simulates being an MMS


In the following screenshot you can see a fraudulent email that pretends to be the notification of a received multimedia message, the objective of the attackers is to convince users to download and run a file:

Once clicked, a Trojan called MMS938.mp3.exe (VT 11/43), if you pay attention to the file name you can see that it has a double extension .mp3.exeThis makes it easier to fool all those who have hidden the display of file extensions:

As you can see from the screenshot above, the file looks like an MP3 when it is actually an executable .EXE file. If file extensions are enabled, you will see the following:

Many people find it annoying or uncomfortable that extensions are in sight, but enabling them is a good security measure to avoid this kind of trickery.

These fake emails that pretend to be an MMS are quite common and unfortunately many users fall into the trap easily, either out of curiosity to see the content or know who is sending it, they try to open it anyway without knowing that they are actually infecting.

Some advices:

An updated antivirus is always helpful, but they cannot be trusted with 100% security as sometimes they may not detect the threat. Why? Because cyber criminals know many ways to avoid them and make their malwares undetectable, at least for a while until antivirus detects them.

This is why common sense and good practice are essential when it comes to safety. We must avoid clicking on unsolicited links or downloading emails that we do not know why they reach us, in this case, an executable .exe file is also downloaded, which clearly indicates that it is some kind of deception.

I hope the information is useful and when in doubt due to any strange message received, you can contact me or forward the email. Many of the examples that I publish on the blog to alert are those that you send me, today's one was sent to me by David a few hours ago.

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