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Trojans in Facebook chat pretending to be photos

spam en facebook

In the following screenshot you can see a Spam message propagated by Facebook chat, the link simulates being a .jpeg image:

It looks like a harmless Facebook photo, but if you pay attention you can see that the real domain is a .tk and not Clicking starts the download of an .exe trojan:

VirusTotal 25/43

These types of attacks are also very common on the MSN. It is possible that this user's account is compromised (the attackers have their password) or their computer is infected (in this case it is possible that they have all their passwords). The spread is quite viral, as the messages are automatically sent to all your connected friends, those who accept the download and then try to open the alleged photo, they get infected.

Avoiding falling into these traps is very simple, you never have to click on the links we don't ask for. It is best to ignore them or in any case ask our contact what you are sending us and why, distrust is the best because we never know who can be on the other side (see the case of the woman who lost 4 thousand dollars).

More cheating on Facebook:

In relation to the subject, I take this opportunity to publicize another fraudulent page that seeks to deceive users with ridiculous steps that only add fans and make their creators earn money.

Deceived site for Facebook

As can be seen in these screenshots, a couple of pages have been set up under this domain with the story that it is possible post anonymous messages on walls and read private messages. Example in the following screenshot:

I cheat to click the like buttons

It is the same as always, 3 or 4 steps that spread the deception and like buttons belonging to different fanpages. But why are there so many pages like these? Some time ago I commented that the business was to sell fanpages or use them to promote sites, because if a fanpage has thousands of followers and links are published, many people will enter out of curiosity.

Today this practice is very well priced, getting traffic from search engines like Google is becoming more complicated, so social networks become a good source of visits.

The fraudulent advertising circle:

Another business around these fanpages is the advertising you are looking for cheat users with SMS subscriptions, many subscribe without knowing exactly what they are doing and then receive messages on their cell phones with extra costs.

Worst of all, the creators of these pages are not abusing advertising platforms, they are the platforms themselves which enable and encourage these practices. In the following screenshot you can see the administration panel belonging to one of them, the red arrow marks one of the campaigns that are currently active:

Campaign offered by the advertising company

The name is quite suggestive Mobile to Continue FACEBOOK, what is achieved with this campaign is an affiliate link that redirects directly to the subscription pages by SMS, this link can be placed anywhere and as they themselves suggest, Facebook is a Ideal place for users to subscribe believing that they will be able to access special functions such as downloads, the Like button, a visit counter, anonymous messages, etc.

As we see it is a circle in which everyone earns less the user who innocently follows the steps of a page created simply to deceive him.