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Trojans preinstalled on new phones detected

facebook modificado detectado por antivirus

The fear of many comes true once again, the security company G Data has detected new phones that come with malware pre-installed but not from the factory, but by modifications made by intermediary vendors.

All of them with Android which is currently the most used mobile operating system in the world, in a report released a few hours ago published the list of affected models, these are: Xiaomi MI3, Huawei G510, Lenovo S860, Alps A24 / 809T / H9001 / 2206 / PrimuxZeta / N3 / ZP100 / 709 / GQ2002 / N9389, Andorid P8, With SmartPhone6500 Cord, DJC touchtalk, ITOUCH, NoName S806i, SESONN N9500 ​​/ P8 and Xido X1111.

Modified Facebook app detected by antivirus

The malware was hidden in modified applications such as Facebook, which is not surprising that they already come installed when buying a new phone. Users did not realize it because the applications were working normally, but they included spy functions to steal data, listen to conversations, read and send text messages, etc … everything that a Trojan can do for mobile phones.

G Data had already detected pre-installed malware last year, at that time the Trojan came from the factory (in the firmware) on cell phones from a little-known Chinese manufacturer. This time, as I commented at the beginning, the manufacturers were not the culprits but the intermediaries who intentionally installed the malicious applications.

There are 3 ways to protect yourself from these attacks, the first one is to buy your phones at authorized stores since they are less likely to dedicate themselves to doing bad things in recognized places, although I did not trust any local.

Another thing you can do is install a antivirus for mobiles and perform a complete analysis of the system. This is how these attacks have been detected, thanks to reports sent by users.

But the best is reset the mobile to its factory state so that all modifications and installed applications are removed. It is a process that is carried out quite quickly on Android and does not generate any type of problem with the operation of the device.

The G Data report can be viewed in PDF here.