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Trying to trick the Nigerian scammer

respuesta estafador

A couple of days ago I was discussing a Nigerian scam case in which I was asked to send 67 dollars through Western Union to receive 30 iPhones that I had allegedly earned.

To have fun for a while, I replied with a false MTCN code, as if the turn had been made. A couple of days later he replied saying he had received the message but the code was incorrect, hehe:

At the time I thought that the guy would have gone to a WU office to look for the money, but then he noticed that the status of the transfers can be checked from the internet, so he surely verified it there.

Now also ask for a copy of the receipt to make sureSo she took the opportunity to send him a small image as if it were the receipt, linked to the download of a surprise file. This forced him to click to see it in a larger size.

I know the mail was opened Because the image registered the print, but unfortunately you did not download the file (you noticed) or did not click on the image to enlarge it!

That IP is from Nigeria as well as those used to send the Previous emails, the following image shows its origin according to the message headers:

If you write to me again I will ask you for a percentage of the 67 dollars, to share shipping costs 🙂

Update May 9: packet received and infected PC behind the scenes: D