Two examples of bank phishing to alert

A couple of examples of phishing that I have received in the last few days, both looking to steal bank information and with similar characteristics.

The first of them with the matter Your bank card has been limited! informs that for security the card has been deactivated and includes a link to reactivate it. The link actually points to a false page, just hover over the link to detect it:

The false email also includes as an attachment an .html file that when opened in the browser loads a form that requests the data by copying the Bank's web design. If the victim thinks it is something real, they will end up sending their data to the cyber criminal:

The other case of phishing is similar, they pose as another bank and only include the attached form:

The form looks like this:

Generally, these types of fake emails end up in spam trays and are ignored, but sometimes they can sneak in depending on the email service we use or users opening them believing they are legitimate. So, it does not hurt to comment and share the captures to alert.

Whenever you receive an email from your bank, try to analyze the context in which it is sent. If it is something unexpected, do not confess in the links or attachments … the ideal is to call the entity or go personally to ask any questions about the status of the card or account.

You can also enter home banking directly from the bank's page to verify the status, but it is important that you do so by typing the URL letter by letter in the browser and make sure it is correct.

Never log in by clicking on the links you receive.