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Two examples of phishing: BBVA and fake email with a link to see some photos

phishing bbva frances

The following are two examples of phishing that they sent me in the last few days and I had not had time to comment on the blog.

The first of them related to a bank, it is a classic deception that refers to an alleged problem with the account so that users worry and log in immediately, it includes misspellings of all kinds and a link that points to a strange page:

The fake page that copied the bank's actual layout has already been removed.

The second case tries to steal email passwords, under the subject Vote for your favorite the message talks about a party and photos that can be seen by clicking on a link. The destination is a website that simply requests the user and password:

And by clicking:

The deception is quite obvious but even so many users believe it, doubt, are curious and enter their data as if nothing was going to happen.

Remember that passwords should only be entered on official sites or apps, pay attention to the addresses on the pages and if you notice something strange or have doubts, it is preferable to go out and consult some help forum such as

Thanks Milagros and Jose Luis for the shipments.