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Update HTK4S, simple phishing from universities


In the following screenshot you can see a fraudulent email that simulates being sent by a university, the message refers to an antivirus update HTK4S (which does not exist) due to a supposed virus that was detected in the account:

As you can see, the wording is quite bad which indicates that they used an automatic translator. They ask for name, username, password and date of birth, when answering the information they can be useful to send more spam, carry out personalized attacks and try to access other services of the victim.

Although it is a simple attack to detect, there are always users who, due to ignorance or lack of common sense, believe it and answer it first. Therefore it is good to comment on it to alert and educate.

In this case the educational institution that they pretend to be is the Faculty of Sciences of Uruguay, but a simple search on Google HTK4S a virus was detected reveals several similar cases in which they use the same format simply by varying the university.

If you receive an email of this type, ignore it and remember never provide personal informationanswering unsolicited emails.

Thank you @elquique for sending.

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