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Update Panda SafeCD offline

panda antivirus actualizacion offline

Some time ago I talked about Panda SafeCD, a live-antivirus that searches and eliminates infections, you can download the ISO from here.

The tool can be updated from the internet but in case you do not have an available connection or the tool cannot detect it, the definitions can be easily loaded from a file on hard drive.

One way to do this is to download the signatures from the Panda site, the file is called pav.sig and once on the disk it must be saved in the following path: C: pavsig pav.sig (If the pavsig folder does not exist, it must be created).

In this way Panda SafeCD recognize the file and analyze the system with the latest available definitions.trouble With this procedure, only registered Panda clients can access the manual download, so I was looking for an alternative to get the pav.sig file without being a customer.

One way to do this is to install the online antivirus Panda Cloud Cleaner (ex Activescan), it is free and before starting an analysis it is updated by downloading the signatures on the hard disk.

The file is saved in the path: C: Program Files Panda Security ActiveScan 2.0

Once ActiveScan is updated, just copy the pav.sig file to any computer you want to scan.

SafeCD recognizes the signatures if they are in the pavsig folder of the main root, if you save the file in another location it will not work. In case of scanning a computer that already has ActiveScan or another Panda antivirus installed, it is not necessary to create the pavsig folder, the Panda CD automatically detects the signature path in the Panda Security folder.

In any case, when the analysis starts you can see the date of the signatures that are being used.

As always, if you have any questions, leave a comment.

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