Urgent data verification for security reasons! Interbank phishing

In the following image you can see a fake email that simulates being sent by Interbank, a bank of Per. The attackers include the entity's logo to give greater credibility to the message and refer to a supposed new bank system for victims to click on the links:

By hovering over any of the links, you can see that they point to a short address used by the bitly.com service, thereby camouflaging the actual destination. As many will know, adding the + sign to the end of the URL you can see the statistics of the short link:

More than 700 people clicked on the link, the majority since Peru on June 27. The destination was a false page (phishing) that when trying to analyze it was no longer operational.

Given the number of clicks, many users may have compromised their accounts. If you received the email and confirmed that it was a real message, I recommend that you contact the bank as soon as possible, control your transactions and change your password.

The bank has a security section on your website Where advice is given, you can see several examples of false emails (phishing) to be prevented: www.interbank.com.pe/pop_emails.asp

Lastly, mention that fraud cases like this can be reported to the entity itself, as commented in the official account @ interbank:

Thanks David for the delivery.

You can also send complaints to contactspamloco + complaint (at) Gmail.com