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Urgent Help, Nigerian scams from friends' emails

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The following is an example of fraudulent email that only seeks to cheat to steal some money, they are very common hoaxes known as Nigerian scams and in recent weeks several people I know have received them.

The message is sent from a breached or hacked email account, they send it to all contacts and sign it with real information they find in the account to make it appear more legitimate. This is the message:

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I hope this reaches you in time, I made a trip to Birmingham, UK and my bag was stolen with my International Passport, Credit Cards and my cell phone inside. The Embassy is willing to help me with letting me take a flight without my Passport, only I have to pay for the ticket and cover the Hotel bills. Unfortunately, I cannot access my funds without credit cards, I already contacted my Bank but they need more time for the processes and thus get me a new one. In that unfortunate situation, I have thought about asking you for a quick loan that I can pay you back as soon as I return, I need U $ D1300 to cover my expenses. I really need to be on the next flight, I can send you the details on how to get the funds to me.

The creators of the story will end up sending money through Western Union to a scammer in another country and when they realize that it was all a hoax they will not be able to recover it if the money was withdrawn in cash. In any case, in case of being a victim, it is convenient to present the complaint to the police, the information provided may end up serving to break up these gangs.

There are many variations, like this other case in which they carried out the same deception but through Facebook chat.

Whenever someone asks us for money online, you have to be suspicious, even if it is our best friend, the ideal is to communicate directly by phone or video call, or speak to a relative or friend in common to confirm the situation and not get carried away. the emails or messages that anyone can be writing, I would not trust the SMS.

If the email that was hacked was yours, the first thing you should do is change the password and then it would be convenient to contact the contacts to explain the situation and thus avoid someone being deceived.

If the email is from Gmail as in this commented example, you can follow these steps to recover the account or request help in the official forum.