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Urgent Verify Your Account (Verified by Visa)

correo falso de visa o phishing

The following is a fake mail simulating to be sent by Visa, under the Urgent Verify Your Account subject the attacker tries to convince the user that his card is being used by someone else.

The message includes a link to a fake page that requests all the card data to steal them, at the time of writing this post the page is not online, but a few months ago in they detected several similar attacks, in this note you can see a capture of the phishing .

The message has several misspellings and a rather bad wording, even so there are people who fall into these traps because they are unaware of these attacks, never saw or received such a message and believe that it is actually sent by the entity.

Remember that never You must enter personal information on an unknown page, much less if you accessed it from a link received by unsolicited email.

If you were a victim of phishing what you should do is immediately call the card issuing bank and ask for help, because if you let it pass scammers may use it to make purchases and withdraw money. In some cases the transactions are canceled but in others the money is lost and there is nothing left to do.