USB antenna to improve WiFi connection

This week I will be in Buenos Aires doing Combat Training, an ethical hacking course provided by the security company Base4 Security. Since it is several days and the last time I was traveling I had problems with the Wi-Fi connection (available only in the lobby, low signal in the room, broken router, etc.), I came prepared to face any unforeseen:

With this small 58dBi antenna I not only have a better signal, but also double my connection options. In the following screenshot you can see the difference between the networks captured by the notebook and the usb antenna:

I bought it at DealExtreme for 25 dollars and it is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac. It includes a CD with manual and drivers, although in Ubuntu they were not necessary. From what I was able to test in XP, the installation program creates a virtual machine -with Beini- to break WEP keys and access WPA connections through dictionary attacks, all explained step by step.

It connects to the computer via USB, although I forgot to bring the cable that came with the box. Anyway I can use it thanks to my magic case of connectors 14 in 1 (RJ45-USB, RJ11-USB, USB-USB, Mini4P-USB, among others) that can also be purchased at DealExtreme for 12 dollars:

In summary, there is something safe, I will be doing an excellent course and Wi-Fi will not be missing: D

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