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Verifications trouts mobile on Facebook


When creating a Facebook account, in addition to confirming the email address, the account can be confirmed by text message. This is a security measure that seeks to ensure that real people are interacting on the network.

Well, since SMS verifications can be somewhat confusing, scammers take advantage of it to make money with mobile trout confirmations. The following is a Facebook page that has a fake verification application:

Loading it performs a redirect and displays an alert like the following:

Finally a promo for SMS subscriptions is shown:

If the victim believes this is all part of Facebook's legitimate verification and follows the steps, they will end up losing money as scammers fill their pockets with bills.

Unfortunately there are many of these hoaxes and as I recently commented, it is the advertising platforms themselves that encourage this type of practice:

Panel of an advertising platform

Real Facebook verification:

Facebook implements the SMS verification system as a security measure, it is also necessary to enable extra functions such as renaming and can be used to unlock or recover the account in case of losing the password.

When entering your number, be sure to do it in the right place. In your profile you can do it from the menu Home / Account settings / Mobile. For more information on mobile verification, go here to the Facebook help center.

Thank you Franco for the delivery.