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Vulnerability in Facebook allows attaching executables in messages


Update: On November 1 the vulnerability was fixed.

The following vulnerability was discovered by Nathan Power of, I discovered it through the excellent security blog HackPlayers. Then I discuss the problem with a classic example, a alleged photo which is actually an executable.

When trying to send a message with a attached .exe file You receive a warning like the following:

This is so for obvious security reasons, however a simple modifying the POST parameter and the filename variable allow attaching the executable to be sent to any user. You just need to add a space in the file name filename = foto.exe

Once the change has been made, Facebook cannot verify that it is an executable and attach it. When the user receives it, they can download it with a simple click:

One click downloads the executable

I think it is not necessary to clarify the impact of the problem, most users do not have Windows extensions enabled and for many it is the same as a file being EXE, JPG, PDF or whatever … they double click on everything and ms when the message seems to be sent by a friend.

Cable clarify that the researcher reported the problem to Facebook on September 30On October 26, Facebook recognized it and the next day the information was made public.

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