WARNING: Your credit card has been blocked! – Spam with infected attachment

The following is an example of spam, easily identifiable as such, but which can still mislead more than one. As you can see in the following screenshot, simulates being sent by Visa and alerts about a supposed blockage in the credit card.

The attacker's goal is convince victims to open the attachment, it is a .ZIP that contains a Trojan VISA_ID48832743.exe (VT 20/42):

The message is a variant of the spam campaign I was commenting on a few days ago with fake UPS emails.

There are several details that allow us to determine that it is a deception, the most striking in addition to the suspicious attachment and the fact of ending up in the spam tray, are the un serious writing and the way they refer to the client, if it were a message Actual sent by a financial institution should include your name or something that identifies it … never a Dear User (Dear User) at the beginning.

Remember to have caution with all attachments you receive, especially with those you did not expect.

In SpamLoco you have a Forum where you can ask for help in case of doubts, you can also forward any suspicious message to contactspamloco + complaint (at) Gmail.com.