Watch this incredible video, this happens to them drunk (spam)

The following is a spam message posted on a wall, apparently it was a video with girls:

However, clicking ends in a page that contains a fake player and try to simulate the design of Facebook, to see the video you have to confirm the age:

Fraudulent page that simulates the Facebook environment

Clicking again attempts to send the message of the first capture to the wall (the user must confirm it) and then a redirect to a subscription page by SMS:

The video is obviously never shown and everything is a trick to make easy money, every time a victim sends the SMS they subscribe – many times without knowing it – to a payment service, generating a commission for the attackers.

The fraudulent site appears to be planning to use other spam campaigns as well, such as the Dislike button:

The domain was registered a month ago and although it is not a very elaborate or viral attack, like others that have been commented on the blog, in Alexa you can see a movement of visits in recent days:

RememberBe very careful with Facebook links and nothing about texting or answering polls to watch videos!

Thanks Maximiliano (@ ydea2) for the submission.

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