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Watches designed to copy exams, the latest fashion among students

Watches designed to copy exams, the latest fashion among students

As this continues, prepare to take off your watch on your next exam: the chop-clocks, Models specially created to copy.

Sooner or later it had to happen: smartwatches to copy in exams. You probably have thought what a novelty. Exactly, a few years ago, when the first models of smart watches began to arrive on the market, many of us thought of this use for them.

They are small, powerful, easy to use devices thanks to the touch screens and they offer us the possibility of adding text notes, images and documents in their memory. All that can be done with most smartwatches, is improved in the cheating watches.

Cheating watches,watches to copy

Google with Android Wear and Apple with their Watch have managed to popularize smart watches, as well as many other manufacturers that have joined this market. Not long ago, smartwatches were not so popular, so if someone used them to copy on an exam, it probably went unnoticed.

Increasingly, however, there is increased control and vigilance during testing, and any grimace seems suspicious. So we got tocheating watches,literally chop watches, devices created with the aim of using them to copy and that anyone can buy on the Internet.


They do not hide, they are advertised in online stores as: smart watches for those who want to copy in exams. They do not stand out for their design or for advanced technical characteristics, what is more, in most cases they are not mentioned, they only talk about why they are better than the competition in order to attract users who want to approve at all costs.

The latest generation of cutlets

How do these differ from other smartwatches? watches to copy? Two of the most popular models that are prowling the net are the RXO 2018 and the 24kupi Invisible Watch.

Without branding and with simple designs, giving prominence to its ability to read PDF, Word, images and other documents on screen, without brightness and with maximum clarity (although the screen is 128 128 pixels) Okay, and what do they offer that a Chinorri smartwatch does not have? According to them, greater measures of security so you don't get caught.

For example, a emergency button Immediately place the watch face in case the teacher walks by or tells you something. In the case of the RXO, it has an anti-spy screen so that the content only seen when looking straight ahead, doing it with an angle does not show anything (that is, as some screen protection films act on smartphones).

Clocks with anti spas screens

However, more curious and advanced is the Invisible Watch system, since in addition to the chop clock we will receive some glasses polarized by sight, without which we will not be able to see the text on the screen and, therefore, be hidden from anyone who does not carry them.

The prices are around 70, Depending on the model, as with everything, it is a matter of time that they become popular and drop in price, even there are already copies of clocks to copy. Mind blown. Society is already learning about these inventions and the only thing that will be achieved is that the entry of devices to official tests be further controlled. We will end up like in China, with drones controlling the exams.