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Whale in a building after the tsunami (scam on Facebook)


A couple of hours after the tsunami in Japan, fake pages were already appearing in search results trying to trick users into installing fake antivirus (note on Trend Micro). This actually happens because the kits they use to create them work automatically, constantly monitoring global search trends.

However, manual attacks did not take long to appear, in the first 24 hours fake news emails with malicious links were detected and spam messages on Facebook like the following, detected by Sophos:

Fake video displaying fraudulent surveys

The post on the wall appears to be that of a video showing a whale, clicking a false page is accessed instead of displaying videos, it displays polls that make cyber criminals earn money.

The attack is similar to the one I mentioned a few days ago, in fact they use the same template and code.

As long as Facebook and ad companies allow these abuses, scammers will continue to cheat people without caring about anything. What you need to do when detecting this kind of messages is to warn the victims and if you fall into the trap, delete messages on the wall by marking them as spam.