What are ions and why are they used in modern hair dryers?

It is increasingly common to find hair appliances on the market with ions, since dryers until irons, even going through brushes.

Recently, a friend asked me if I knew what those ions are for and then I realized: we go crazy looking for devices that have this technologysimply because advertising sells that they are good; But, in general, we don't even stop to think about what they are for.

This happens with many other products: yogurts with bfidus, eggs with omega 3 The problem comes when we put the autopilot on and we don't stop to think about why all this is good. In my case, I have even heard a person without any intolerance say no, I do not buy that, they have gluten and gluten is bad. I promise you that it is truthful and also quite worrying. Therefore, it is necessary to inform yourself of the Benefits that they bring us all those things that, in principle, may sound like Chinese. And if you do not know what the ions in the hair work for, calm down, because today we give you the answer.

What are ions?

Before you know why ions are good, you should know what they are. The ions are electrically charged particles due to the gain or loss of electrons. When they win, are loaded negatively and they are called anions what if they lose, the load goes to Be positive and they become cations.

This transfer of electrons can occur for different reasons. For example, surely you have all done the experiment of the bic pen what attracts sticky notes. By rubbing the pen with the sleeve, the particles from the surface of the plastic cylinder they lose some electrons, which will pass to the fabric, leaving a positive charge and being able to attract the particles of opposite charge present in the pieces of paper. This is so, because opposite charges always attract, while equals repel (move away from each other).

Why are ions good for hair?

Okay, so we already know what ions are. But what does all this have to do with hair? As with the pen, when we comb our hair electrically charged and, having all the hairs the same load, they repel, like when we bring two magnets together.

This phenomenon is what makes us frizz the hair and it stays, as they say, as if we had put our fingers in a socket.

It is precisely at this moment when the ions. What happens is that ions of opposite charge to that of the hair are interspersed Between hair and hair, avoiding that they repel each other and getting them to return to the place from which they should never have left.

Now you know. You can knowingly buy irons and irons with ions, and not just because a silky-haired girl tells you in a TV commercial. Pay attention to science.