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Why are nuts so addictive?

Why are nuts so addictive?

If it's opening a package of peanuts and not stopping eating, don't feel like you're an isolated case. The addiction to nuts encompasses organic products as much as processed ones, but what is the reason?

It is easy to understand that foods such as chocolate or soft drinks can have great appeal and generate some addiction. If we don't regulate the Glycemic indexAs a result of entering sugars that replace glucose, we are not informing the brain that we are really satiated. Soft drinks more of the same, fructose does not regulate insulin levels and negatively affects our feeling of satiety leading us to consume more product.

However, when we talk about nuts, it is not so easy to define the cause.Although they usually have the same nutrients, the concentration of each one is very heterogeneous among them, with cashew nuts and chestnuts the ones with the most sugar, peanuts the ones you protect the most, and the macadamia nuts those with more fats.

Why is the addiction to nuts

One pistachio, two pistachios, three pistachios, twenty-five pistachios, why do foods with such a high calorie content make us so addicted? The question rethinks whether sugars are the reason, but then it would not be extensible to other nuts with less sugar, and also, when we eat nuts after a while the feeling of satiety comes suddenly.

Analyzing better different commercial products of dried fruits we come across the main suspect: added sugars.If our dried fruit is not organic, it may contain added sugars during processing so that the glycemic index is altered, causing further addiction.

Even so, products free of additives and preservatives also usually cause some addiction, and this time the added sugars are not involved. What is happening?

Food marketing, the witchcraft of the 21st century

Eating a packet of medium-sized fries (mind you, I'm not talking about grams) in our eyes equates to a packet of nuts. With this idea in mind, our brains will not put the brakes on the successive consumption of pistachios from the moment we open the package until we finish it.

Sugar, additives, processing, marketing, flavor, the combination of all these factors make us open our package of nuts and leave it emptier than Mediamarkt during the Black friday.