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Why do other people's falls make us so funny? Science has the answer

Why do other people's falls make us so funny? Science has the answer

If there is one thing that everyone finds amusing it is seeing someone fall, as long as the every not serious, of course. Science knows why it's so fun to laugh at other people's falls.

From programs television type First-rate videos, until Youtube videos how Edgar's Fall, we all love falls, and the more ridiculous and with more viewers, the better. But why? Are we so sick that the pain of others is so hilarious?

The truth is that, as I said, it is normal to laugh at falls without gravity, so we should not feel sick. That is not very normal, so many professionals, from neurologists, until psychologists, going by philosophershave given their own hypothesis to answer this question. Each vision is very different, so the best thing is that you read them all and think for yourself.

The psychology behind laughing at the falls

When we go down the street, it is unusual to see someone stumble and fall. They are infrequent events and, therefore, incongruous; something that, according to some psychologists, makes us feel fun. The same thing happens, for example, when we see clowns with sneakers much larger than his feet. It's kind of cruel, but getting out of the way can be funny.

Other psychologists, such as Peter McGrow, also give great importance to the mental distance; that is, these situations will only be funny to us if the person we see falling has nothing to do with us, because we will not feel any kind of tie. Surely some of you may be remembering how hilarious it was to see your best friend fall that Saturday night, but I know it is true that not everyone reacts that way.

On the other hand, as you know, the philosophy and psychology are disciplines that sometimes converge, which is why many philosophers have also developed their own theories. For example, Thomas Hobbes He claimed that laughing at the mistakes of others is a way of showing our superiority and Henri Bergson maintains that these types of behaviors are a way of maintaining social norms. If you do something that isn't supposed to be right and the others laugh, you'll try to keep it from happening again. Okay, falling doesn't violate any kind of social normal, but it's not something we want to happen to us either; so, if the others laugh, they will be helping us, even if unconsciously.

What neurologists say

This hypothesis contradicts some of the previous ones, but it really has enough logical And, at this point, we are not going to be scared because two hypotheses contradict each other. According to some neurologists, the culprits in this type of situation are the mirror neurons. You will agree with me that, if you fall in a public place, you fall for shame; but, in a way, you also find it funny.

Well, precisely, it may be the reason why the others ran away. Mirror neurons can make the spectator's brain reproduce the same sensations as that of the protagonist of the fall, causing both to end up being hilarious.

The next time you laugh when you see someone fall in the middle of the street, stop to think for which of these reasons you did it. Well, you better help him get up earlier.

Va: Medical daily