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Why do veins look blue if blood is red?

Why do veins look blue if blood is red?

Today, like other times, we bring you the answer to one of those unanswered questions that we always do but we dare not ask.

Okay, maybe you have never done this to us, but surely now, when you see it written, your curiosity is piqued. All humans have the Red blood, even royalty, don't be fooled. But then why superficial veins they look that color greenish blue so characteristic?

The truth is that not all veins look blue, only those that are very superficial, located approximately 05 mm below the epidermis. Come on typical vein the arm that they always look for to get blood and that is usually a deep blue, for example. Well, the reason for this color change is, like so many other times, a optical illusion.

Why Veins Are Blue: The Scientific Explanation

As you know, the light spectrum It is made up of several wavelengths, which correspond to the different colors. When the light falls on our skin, the larger lengths, corresponding to Red, penetrate more depth and are absorbed by the blood, so that the lengths will be shorter, color blue, those that affect the superficial veins and they will reflect, making our eye that the content of these blood vessels is that color.

For this reason, in addition, those people who have the thinner and less oily skin will show the vbluest enas, since they are even closer to the surface.

On the other hand, the blood that flows through the veins is in itself more bluish than that of the arteries, since the latter are loaded with oxygen, while the veins already go back to the lungs.

So now you know, both you and the Queen of England have blood of the same color. And besides, your eyes deceive you with the same heavy jokes.

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