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Why do we see the stars if we step on a Lego piece?

Why do we see the stars if we step on a Lego piece?

Stepping on Lego pieces causes a pain surprisingly sharp for how small they are.

These construction games are among the favorites of the smallest and if we take into account that at certain ages the order is not something that is carried to the letter, finding the pieces lying on the ground and step on them It is a very common accident if we have children at home.

By stepping on them we could slip and fall to the ground, but not only that, because it turns out that something so small and apparently harmless is capable of making even the most experienced fakirs scream. This is so for several reasons, among which are the material of the pieces, the situation of the sensitive cells responsible for the pain and, above all, the physical. Lots of physics.

Why do we feel pain when stepping on a Lego piece?

The lego pieces they are not made of any material. If you look, each of these little bricks is capable of supporting gigantic structures that may not weigh anything in our hands, but in proportion to their size they are a great effort for the pieces located in the lowest levels. Therefore, they are composed of ABS plastic, a polymer composed by acrylonitrile, 1,3-butadiene and styrene, so that they are strong, strong and shiny, respectively.

On the other hand, our ability to feel pain is due to the presence of sensory cells called nociceptors. These are not distributed in the same way throughout the whole body, but precisely there is a great concentration of them throughout the body. sole of the foot. So, for example, stings in this area are much more painful than in other parts of the body.

Finally, to understand how all this pain is magnified it is necessary to remember the physics classes of the institute. So we study that the pressure equals force divided by the surface, so the smaller the surface, the greater the pressure exerted at the same force. Thus, these parts, so small compared to the foot, can produce an enormous pressure of approximately 3 million pascals.

As you can see, these pieces seem to be loaded by the devil, but it's all for the amusement of those little future architects. And until they grow up and learn to pick up toys you already know: be careful what you step on.