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Why plastic packaging is dangerous to our health

Why plastic packaging is dangerous to our health

The harm that our health entails is increasingly known bisphenol A, present in bottles and other packaging plastic.

Son, put the bottle under the umbrella, because if the sun gives it the water becomes toxic. This is the star phrase of many mothers as soon as they arrive at the beach and the truth is that they are not without reason.

Blame it on him bisphenol A, a organic compound which has lately become the center of a great controversy at the scientific level. And it is that, while the FDA affirms that our organism eliminates it easily before it becomes harmful, many scientific studies show the opposite, claiming that it is present in the urine of 90% of humans. The last of these has been carried out in the Harvard University and it shows how this substance affects the success of fertility treatments.

What is bisphenol A?


The Bisphenol A (BPA), is an organic compound that is used to give rigidity some types of plastic and prevent them from splintering. Although already in 1930 Suspicions about its dubious safety began, it was not until the XXI century when many governments have begun to make their citizens aware of the dangers of certain practices, such as exposing them to hot (hence the water bottle). In addition, many products made from this compound have been withdrawn from the market.

How are the dangers of plastic to our health?

This substance is a endocrine disruptor, because it alters the normal functioning of our hormones, affecting our health in many different ways.

Okay, that's fine, but we don't eat plastic, how can it affect us so much? Basically, because this substance passes very easily to food and liquids contained in the packages, especially if they are subjected to high temperatures.

The effects can be a different levels:

-TO reproductive level has been associated with a decrease in the number of sperm, due to a malfunction of the process spermatogenesis. Furthermore, it is capable of mimic estrogens, competing with them to the point of blocking their operation, which is why female fertility is affected, both natural and in processes of assisted reproduction.

-Altera brain and behavior, due to its negative effects on neuron differentiation and systems mediated by dopamine and glutamine.

-Just as it competes with estrogens, it also does so with thyroid hormone. However, this effect has been verified in amphibians and rodents, but not in humans.

-Increases the lipid synthesis, so it can produce diseases associated with fat accumulation, such as disorders heart. In addition, it also produces insulin resistance, being able to derive in type II diabetes.

-In animals, its possible involvement in the appearance of allergic processes and intestinal diseases.

All of this, moreover, can be associated with different types of cancer.

Does bisphenol contain all plastics?

If you want to know if this substance is present in plastic containers that you normally use, you only have to look for a little triangle formed by arrows. Inside, you will see a number that serves as an indicator of the plastic composition. So, if it appears 1,2,4 or 5, means that does not contain bisphenol A, although 1 may contain other harmful substances.

On the other hand, type 3 s it can contain bisphenol A, just like the 6 and the 7; which, in addition, have many other highly carcinogenic substances.

Therefore, although we should not obsess, it is not superfluous to check what kind of substances we are putting in contact with our food. At least like this, we can take some precautions.