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Windows Defender Offline Tool, free antimalware from Microsoft


Microsoft recently introduced Windows Defender Offline Tool, a free antimalware that allows you to perform scans outside the operating system, ideal for cleaning highly infected computers and detecting hidden bugs.

It can to download In 32 and 64 bit versions, the tool must be run before the system starts and therefore allows burning a CD / DVD, USB or .ISO file.

About 250 MB of space is required and the most practical thing is to record it on a USB device in order to update the signatures in the future, this is important to be able to detect the latest known malwares. In addition, as recommended by Technical Windows, before loading it, it is convenient to deactivate DEP (a security feature of Windows) since it can interfere with the analysis.

Finally mention that there are many other similar tools, in fact most antivirus companies offer one. Some that I have commented on the blog are Panda's SafeCD, Kaspersky's Rescue Disk and Emsisoft's Emergency Kit.

If you have doubts about the installation or use you can leave a comment 🙂

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