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WOT extension was removed from Firefox due to privacy concerns

wot eliminado de los navegadores

The secure browsing extension WOT (Web of Trust) that allows you to easily see the reputation of a website or link before visiting it, has been removed last week from the Firefox extension repository and as they claim from WOT they voluntarily later removed it. from the Chrome Web Store to make some changes.

If you are currently looking for it to download it you will find a message like this:

Apparently, as they comment on, the removal of Firefox happened after it was reported through a television program in Germany that the extension sell users' browsing history something that is not clarified in its usage policies:

Here you can see that, along with other data, they record the activity of the browser, including the web pages that are visited, which in fact was already known. But although it is anonymous data, it is clear that you can create a profile of the users and even identify them by their browsing history, it must also be taken into account that the plug-in can be used with a registered user to be part of the community by which would be providing even more data.

In the WOT forum a official statement In which they comment that after receiving the notification of removal of Mozilla, they also voluntarily removed the extension from the Chrome Store to analyze the situation and make changes to the privacy policy.

They also comment that in a future version they will include an option so that users can choose not to share information with WOT, something that surprises me that they no longer included from the first moment. And for those users who share information, they will create a data review and cleaning system to improve privacy.

The full statement can be read here: