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«You are invited to our wedding» false invitation with Trojan


On these dates, Christmas cards begin to circulate with greetings and good wishes, it is also when infections skyrocket as a result of the fraudulent virtual cards that spammers send. But not only Christmas is the hook to fool, in the following screenshot you can see a fake invitation that has been circulating for some hours by mail:

Under the topic You are invited to our wedding, the victims are wanted to download a file that is supposed to be the invitation. Clicking starts downloading an executable file which is actually a Trojan (VT 6/43):

As I have said many times, it is a simple but effective attack because many users are unaware of the danger posed by downloading unsolicited files and from unknown sources, especially when it comes to files with an .exe extension. In this case, they also play with the curiosity of the victims, since the message does not clarify who the couple is to increase the temptation to download.

Do not be fooled so easily!

Thanks Milagros for sending.

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