Your access to visa home has been blocked (phishing)

A new phishing attack that seeks steal access credentials and Visa cardsIt all starts with a fake email that simulates being sent by the entity.

Fake mail looks or looks like this:

The message reports an alleged suspension of the account and includes a fake link that leads to a fraudulent page with a design is very similar to that of Visa Home but in reality it is a page designed to steal information. The attacker requests the access credentials to the portal and the details of the card, holder, number, expiration date and security codes.

Clicking to access displays an error message and then the victim is redirected to the actual Visa Home site to log in again. At this point your data is already in the hands of the attacker.

These types of attacks, simple as they may seem, often deceive many users. Detecting them is not complicated.

First of all, keep in mind that Visa does not send this kind of messages or request information by mail. In any case, when in doubt, the ideal is to call the bank.

On the other hand, the destination of the link in the mail is strange and is not related to Visa, that can be easily checked by passing the pointer as you can see in the image of the article, also the page requests too much data which should raise suspicions and does not include HTTPS at the beginning of the URL.