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Your binge can depend on the shape of your glass

Your binge can depend on the shape of your glass

What a binge depends on, is a question we have often asked ourselves at closing time. Sometimes we don't pay as much attention as we should to the shape of the glass we are going to drink from, and yet it may be an essential factor.

That he glass size The one we drink influences the amount we drink is pure and simple logic and does not require me to explain it to you; But what if I tell you that the glass shape?

This is what he claims Chris Van Tulleken, which tells us in a video of bbc2 youtube channel how our brain makes us drink more or less quickly according to the shape of the glass of the glass.

What a binge depends on

What better place to check a scientific fact than a Pub? Of course, in this case, it is the ideal site. Therefore, a group of scientists from the Bristol University carried out a study consisting of follow-up during three weekends of consumption rates in bars they serve beer and cider, paying special attention to the glass shape.

Thus, they found that those who served these alcoholic beverages in glasses with straight walls they got a 25% less profit that those who used curved containers.

What is the reason for this difference?

According to Van tulleken, the glass shape makes our brain interpret the drink quantity left in it. Usually if we can not see clearly what remains we will drink faster. So the straight walls, which show the content perfectly, make us drink slower that the curves. And of course, if the drink is alcoholic this will feedback, making us drink faster and faster, even if they change our Cup,Well, there will come a time when our brain invest more effort in remembering what we are called than in seeing if we have a lot of drink in the glass.

This can be seen more clearly if they are added volume indicators to the Cup, since they will make us drink even more slowly.

Other factors that make us drink faster

Another factor that makes us drink faster is, for example, the type of wine. A person who does not have a special preference for either type has been found to drink faster whitebecause its color almost transparent makes our brain perceive the content of the glass less easily than in the case of red.

If you stop to think, something similar also happens when we drinkstanding or chatting. In these cases we are less aware of the content and take it much faster than if we are sitting alone with the glass.

Therefore, if you want to drink slowly, avoid curved glasses and if what you want is to set up a cocktail bar, throw the straight glasses to the trash. Science tips.

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