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Your next computer will always be listening and waiting for orders

How to make Cortana activate with the name we want

Intel wants to bring voice assistants to computers, allowing them to always listen while waiting for our orders.

Google Now, Siri, Cortana These are just some of the personal assistants with voice command recognition that we already enjoy today on millions of devices and also without having to touch smartphones and tablets, since in most cases they are already capable of be continuously listening.

However, this function of always being alert has been limited to mobile devices, since in portable computers they would not get along very well with the options of energy saving. Intel wants to change by partnering with the company Sensory.

Voice assistants always alert on computers

Just as Apple uses an M9 coprocessor to keep Siri always listening with minimal power consumption, the Sensory's TrulyHansfree technology It will be integrated into the upcoming Intel processors, allowing them to have voice assistants running in the background, ready to be voice activated and with virtually no impact on the final autonomy of the devices.

In this way, the collaboration between the two companies will allow any manufacturer that uses processorsIntelSkylake, Anniedale, Broxton, Broadwell, and Merrifield You can enable the voice recognition of attendees, whether they are smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktop PCs.

Siri coming to Apple computers

As they comment on TheNextWeb, the potential of TrulyHansfree in Intel processors is enormous news, but especially for Apple, which will greatly facilitate the Siri's arrival on their Mac laptops with Intel SoC.

And t, do you find it useful for the continuous voice recognition of personal assistants? In the end it is about facilitating daily tasks for the user, but there will also be others who prefer to have everything deactivated for fear that continuous listening may violate their Privacy somehow.